Listing Considerations

Listing Considerations

Now that spring is here, are you considering putting your house on the market? Have you contacted your REALTOR® to discuss your options? Have you looked at some comparative properties in the neighbourhood to get a sense of your home’s market value? What condition is your home in? Does it require a little tender loving care, de-cluttering, or a serious makeover to bring it in line with neighbourhood homes?

Ask your REALTOR® for any demographics regarding who is buying in your neighbourhood; are they first-time buyers – young professionals with small families; or empty nesters or retirees downsizing but still wanting the freedom of their own home and small property.

When you consider your home – its layout, features and how it presents. How ready are you to list your home? Are you ready for a quick sale with the right buyers, at the right time and for the right reasons?

What are buyers looking for in a home these days? With the pace of life so harried and hurried, most buyers, especially the young professionals or millennials, are looking for a home that offers them all the conveniences of modern open concept living: for social entertaining, a dining room as part of the high functioning and updated kitchen layout is desirable.

Today’s families are looking for bright homes, ease of functionality, with little wasted space, long dark passages, nooks or crannies. They are savvy and particular especially regarding energy-saving appliances, technologically accessible security systems, and homes they can move in with little or no renovations. Bathrooms too need some consideration – low flush toilets, spacious showers, soaker tubs, and generally some creativity in the design and use of tiles, flooring and hardware. Do you have additional space for entertaining; a spare bedroom for guests; enough closet or storage space to keep your home organized and tidy?

Today’s buyers know exactly what they want and will take the time to find it. Nowadays people don’t have time, energy and money to be involved in long tedious upgrades.

Ask your REALTOR® for suggestions. What upgrades can you make without too much expense to bring your home up to speed before you list it? What is your timeline and how soon would you like to be moving? Is your timeline feasible given what you might have to invest in your home for a good sale? How much do you invest so your home is appealing, has great market value and is comparable? Putting serious thought and consideration into making improvements in your home to attract the right buyers who will be happy to pay your asking price, will be well worth the time and effort.

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