Newsflash! Colour Colour Colour

Newsflash! Colour Colour Colour

Colour Newsflash!

While winter is in the final leg of fullness, come the spring and 2016 might be the year you will be inspired to splash out on colouring your home. Both designers and paint companies are showcasing magnificent colour combinations for this spring.

Given the choices available, you might feel that anything goes.

Perhaps it does, however the blends this year are quite stunning. Combining shades of blue, touches of green – evoking beautiful seascapes, with warmer oranges, makes for exciting blends. Mix white into your décor and the effect is quite lovely.

The rich Mediterranean terracotta colours are paired with copper and bronze – rich brick, reds and oranges.

Speaking of orange – highlight that with black and shades of beige. Coffee, cream, dark and white chocolate flavour the colour spectrum this year. Complimenting the warm neutrals are your cooler grey tones. Designers are pulling the whites and greys together with complimentary metallic furniture, objects d’art and accents.

The other scale of the spectrum plays with pink – a big fashion colour this year.

Peridot and light greens combined with the neutrals and shades of pink are joyful. Throw lighter shades of purple into the mix, either with the pastels or with your greys, white and black, and you have elegance. Combine greens with yellows, and introduce whites and creams to make for fun and cheerful blends.

Whether you are bringing the outdoors inside with the oceans, rivers and streams; forests of mosses, lichen, mushroom, and rock tones, and adding bright touches of colour fused with softer neutrals; accents of the metallic, or the dazzle of shades of white or brights – this spring promises to be inspiring, energizing and elegant.

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