Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors

The ‘sustainable’ trend has created some unique options in floor treatments besides the traditional wood or fully carpeted floor.

One of those options is concrete. Originally Mediterranean cultures hand-pressed cement with beach sand, or mixed cement with black volcanic sand and pumice for various effects and colours; today concrete is typically used in commercial buildings, residential garages and basements.

Concrete floors are now finding its way into residential homes and lofts. With the advance of mixing and treating concrete, different colours, smooth and textured finishes easily transform the austere grey concrete look. Once sanded, polished and sealed, the floor can look elegant especially when ‘dressed’ with oriental and other rugs, colourful furnishings and accessories.



Durable and resilient to scratches and spills

Versatile for indoor and outdoor applications

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Longer lasting

Subtle cracks and markings create a natural stone-like appeal and architecturally salvaged sought-after look

Textured effects can be etched in while drying for a warmer look

Different colours can be added in the mixing of the concrete

Epoxy finishes create dramatic colourful designs, protect against abrasion and extend the floor life


Radiant heating can be installed before the concrete is poured

Stays cooler in the summer months

Options to have another flooring system over it

Generally cheaper than hardwoods


Hard on the feet

Porous in nature

Doesn’t retain heat

Must be sealed properly to prevent moisture seepage

Moisture causes mould and cracks with winter freezing

Ask your contractor or builder for their suggestions based on your house, style and considerations.