Trending Furnishings

Trending Furnishings

Trending Furnishings

Trends for 2019 and certainly into 2020 are finding more homeowners looking to defrag from technology and seeking solitude in smaller, cozier rooms devoid of the buzzing and distraction of technology. And with the onset of the cooler weather and winter around the corner, the fireplace once again becomes the focal point of attention – though without the crowning wall-mounted television creating distraction.

Fireplaces fronted by embellished wrought iron or aged metal screens have made a comeback. Wicker baskets for your kindling and pineconesmake a warming and hearty hearth, reminiscent of the country and natural living. Place a rattan rocker by the fireside.  Ye Old World maps, lanterns,and paraphernalia combine to create interesting relics and accessories reminiscent of yesteryear; and wooden woodland creature ornaments evoke that wonderful country and farmhouse ambiance.

Available in stores arefaux fur throws and rugs, floor pillows and blankets in plush, velvety fabrics, chunky knit angora cushions, Icelandic sheepskins, large ribbed poufs for your feet to rest on – anything and everything that exudes raw earthy textures, natural comfort and homeliness. Tartan checks create interesting-visual textures.

Speaking of textures – a selection of fabrics, prints, woven East Indian carpets and rugs, handcrafted and glazed ceramics blend to bring artist and craftsman together in a more personalized connection into your living room, family room or kitchen. Terracotta floors and walls are muted and matte, creating warmth and texture to perfectly balance and compliment any room.

By the way – the kitchen stainless steel look is out and replaced by matte metals in antique greys. Grey is also looking good as the choice of colour for your hardwood floors. Grey can be found in a wintery day’s palette of shades and evocative ash, smoky, woodsy hues. From wall colours to bed linen and towels, grey is the new pastel neutral for tranquility. Midnight blue, indigo and other vivid blues are in for the colder months of winter and will flow into forest greens and other jewel tonestouted by designer and home decorating aficionados for the New Year.

Upholstery prints feature granny prints with large lush florals and vivid colours. Bedrooms too have been toned down and “naturalized” in the neutrals of Scandinavian chic and simplicity. Harmonize the warm wood finishes with chunky cable bed covers and cushions, and soft natural light. Create a backdrop on your wall behind your headboard with reclaimed wood paneling to give that cabin treatment or create chevron patterns for more interest. In your children’s bedroom you can create a backdrop of lightly washed pallet wood.

You can create a zen-like retreat out of your bedroom, or you can go the more opulent, elegant route and emboss your headboard with a luxurious quilted fabric. There are numerous shapes and sizes of padded, upholstered designs to create a lush and plush effect. Highlight and accent the décor of your bedroom through colour or design and shape of your headboard. Wallpapers have also made a big comeback in clean geometric, woodsy, or complex embossed designs, prints and colours. Have fun with your creativity.

Scandinavian furniture and that Nordic influence bring a clean, uncluttered, sleek and functional look on the one hand and on the other – the over sized sofas, and natural linen slipcovers, tan leather and all things relaxed and more natural.

Evocative of those far-away places that you can escape to for peace and quiet, you can create that atmosphere in your home. Have fun visiting your local furniture store, consignment or antique store, and feed your imagination to create a dreamscape that will give you and your family a wonderfully warm, cozy and comfortable escape through the colder months.

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