Fire Sprinkler System

Fire Sprinkler System

Fire Sprinkler System 7 Ways To Make Your Home’s Fire Sprinkler System Work The Way It Should

A Fire Sprinkler system is a reliable and efficient way to extinguish an erupted fire. In case of a fire hazard, these systems are activated if the affected area’s temperature rises about 135-165 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat is enough to melt or break through the plug on the sprinkler heads allowing water to come through. It immediately comes into effect by controlling the fire and reducing toxic smoke. 

Fire sprinkler systems have been used since their invention and have saved numerous lives because of their easy workability and access. Most homes are now installed with a Fire sprinkler system which comes into play in case of a fire incident. You should maintain these systems from time to time to ensure functionality. 

Some Of the ways you can make your home fire sprinkler system in excellent working conditions are as follows. 

Test Control Valves 

A fire sprinkler system consists of pressure-activated control valves for instant water delivery. Four types of control/check valves of a Fire sprinkler system notify the fire department and owner of system deployment.

  • Alarm control valve 
  • Swing Control valve 
  • Grooved check valve 
  • Riser Check valve 

Always keep these control valves in an accessible area. Look for any signs of corrosion that might affect their functioning. Check to see If the seal is in place for any physical mishap activation risk. Check to see If the control valves are open where required. Make sure there is no apparent blockage in the valves from the plumbing. 

Keep Water pressure in check. 

Fire sprinkler systems work only If there is suitable water to help force that fire down. These sprinklers require 7 pounds per square inch to operate correctly. Always ensure there is no contamination in the water from the water source, whether it’s from a tank or municipal supply. Ensure that the source provides the required pressure to help the system work in its optimal state. 

Get an inspection done once in a while

Fire Sprinkler System installers are experts in gauging the working of the system. Get a professional inspection done every year for safety. The professionals check for valve damage or alteration. Physical condition is checked. The riser pump and flow are calibrated. They monitor Sprinkler heads, ensuring good condition. 

Get repairs done in case of any damage

If you detect or fear any Fire sprinkler system damage, get the installation and inspection team as soon as possible. The installers will help repair fire sprinklers, valves, or any corrosion plumbing damage affecting the system. You should not risk prolonging this procedure as It may cost precious lives in case of a fire hazard. 

Ensure Hydraulic Placards

This process comes under play If your fire sprinkler system has a hydraulic design. Make sure that the hydraulic placard by the installation team is in place permanently. These cards include

  • Location of the arrangement 
  • Release density within that arrangement 
  • Water flow requirements 
  • The maximum permitted water storage height 
  • Water pressure demands

Do not block the Fire Sprinkler heads 

Ensure that the Fire sprinkler heads are not blocked by furniture of a hanging or any such obstacle at all times. If there is a blockage, they might not be effective in case of an incident. This can result in making you suffer from lives lost and property damage.

Conduct risk evaluation 

Risk assessment in a sensitive place is a great way to aid the optimal working of a Fire Sprinkler system. By conducting this, you learn about the factors that might initiate a fire in your house and the danger it holds. With this help, you can manage and amplify the water flow and pressure of the fire sprinkler system in that area for organized and effective control over the fire. 


Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most beneficial and authentic devices to help control a fire and save many lives. You use several ways like testing control valves and monitoring water pressure to ensure that your home Fire sprinkler system is working in excellent condition. 

Occasional professional inspections and repairs help keep these systems in excellent condition. By assessing risk factors and taking necessary precautions, you can help keep the fire sprinkler systems well-maintained and fully operational when needed. 

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