Glass Windows and Doors

Glass Windows and Doors

Glass ~ Windows, Doors, Showers & Walls

Glass can be used to highlight and accentuate a room to good effect. Not only does it open up the space, glass panels also allow the light to flow and maintain the expansive feeling in a room.

Glass panels can either be clear or blown with custom designs to create unique patterns, texture and depth. You might have seen windows and doors with beautiful, attractive designs that enhance the appearance of the home.

Glass staircase railings are becoming more popular, and room dividers are especially effective for small houses where a decorative glass panel may demarcate the entrance hall from the living room.

A glass wall or screen erected between properties will also provide you with privacy from your neighbours and still keep the light flowing in to your deck or verandah. Placing a glass wall around your pool, hot tub or property allows you to still see and enjoy the rest of your property or any natural setting outside of your property.

Hand-blown glass sinks are attractive and easy to maintain. They can be made to fit custom cabinets or placed on a unique iron pedestal. Tables and shelves for your bar or entertainment area can be blown to a specific shape and designed with your favourite motif.

Frameless showers eliminate the need for cumbersome frames – a more sleek and elegant look. The glass is tempered which allows for installation and attachment of hinges and hardware directly to the glass.

If you search online you can locate craftsmen who have honed their skills of blowing glass in special kilns, and can create unique and beautiful custom designs and patterns to enhance the beauty of your home. Whatever your preference, working with a glass craftsman can be very rewarding and creative of great features for your home.

Glass Windows and Doors