Just One More Chore

Just One More Chore

Just One More Chore

So you managed to cross off all the repairs and renovations from your to-do list this summer. Or did you? Just one more….that gash in the wall is not only unsightly, it definitely needs repairing before winter.

What to do about it?

First step is to measure the size of the hole in the drywall. There are a couple of methods and materials you can use depending upon the size of the hole. For holes less than 4 inches you can purchase metal-backed, self-adhesive, ready-made dry-wall patches that are easy to apply.

Here’s what you can do for that small hole: Clean the rough edges with a utility knife, and ensure the site is clean. Spray it with water if you are using a regular joint compound and not an acrylic non-water based product.

Use a putty knife to apply a generous amount of non-shrink compound to a clean dry wall. Draw the putty knife towards you at an angle with each stroke. Run your putty knife over the compound until you have a smooth appearance. Repeat the process of dampening and re-smoothing the compound again.

Experts say several layers are better than one.

Make sure each coat is dry before applying the next. Use your putty knife to shave off any remaining strands.

Once dry and to your satisfaction, you can sand the area smooth. Use light strokes with drywall sandpaper to get the flawless appearance you are looking for. You are now ready to touch up with some paint.

Just One More Chore

A job well done!

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