House to Home

House to Home

House to Home

Have you ever wondered why you may feel at ‘home’ in certain places, and in a hurry to leave others? And in digging a little deeper, what do you think transforms a vacant house to a home and sanctuary?

There is more to life than what we see physically.

Living and inanimate objects or structures are all connected. Have you ever felt the excitement of moving into a new house and transforming that space into an extension of who you are? This desire to create something new in a house has the power to change the house from an empty structure into your living home. The challenge is a year or two down the road; would you still feel the same excitement in your home?

Homes bring security, warmth, refuge and escape from the distractions of the outer world. However, homes cannot become sanctuaries of peace as long as we allow emotional unhappiness within ourselves and between family members to go unchecked. Where do you think all that emotional energy goes? Would you believe me if I told you it stays within the four walls of the house? And have you ever noticed how pets respond when owners are not at peace within themselves?  Chaos in a home typically represents chaos in daily life. Homes tend to mirror in the external environment what is going on inside of us physically, emotionally and mentally. The good news is that just by changing things up within ourselves and our environment; we can re-experience joy as well as harmony living in our homes.

Ways to make your home into a sanctuary:

  • De-clutter all rooms. Clutter signifies a confused mind and heart. Today’s trend is the notion, ‘less is more.’ Give away what you don’t need or use.

  • Nurture body, mind and soul. You come first. You can only share as much as you have and are to yourself.

  • Be true to yourself. Honor your relationships; heal emotional hurts and traumas through sincere, ongoing open dialogue and communication. Seek support if necessary.

  • Express gratitude and appreciation daily for what you have and where you are.

  • Creating a special space; candles, soft meditative music, and a fountain or fish tank is soothing and healing to the deepest part of ourselves that just needs some quiet time after a hectic day at work. • Choose to live with conscious intention, making your life experiences balanced, whole and complete. Create a special space for healing, rest, dreaming and love.

Once you make the commitment to change stale energy to a more alive, energized and balanced energy in your home, you are inviting in the same excitement and passion you experienced when you first moved in. The transition you are making from house to home and sanctuary will become one of your greatest treasures.


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