2020 spring – New Colours and Furnishings

Taking a walk through furnishing stores prior to spring is always a refreshing experience. The new white seems whiter and cleaner. Shades of greens, blues, and taupe are crisper, fresher and newer. Exciting patterns, fabrics and furnishings herald the promise of spring – the new plush and lush; a hint at freshening our homes and the way we feel about ourselves. The natural world’s renewal of life awakens and energizes again, translating abundantly into our lives; inspiring and invigoratively creative.

Just a splash of new colour to grace our walls, changing up some rooms, moving furniture around, recovering the sofa, perhaps purchasing or sewing new scatter cushion covers. Change lifts one’s energy and vibrancy. Like a breath of fresh air.

2020 colours range from shades of white, off-white, creams, beige, natural and neutral tones as well as the deeper, darker pastels and browns. Green is back; all shades, ranging from the bright electrics through emerald to blue greens. Smaller rooms do well with lighter coloured walls which open the area, as darker walls tend to close in the space.  Accent walls, a tone darker create contrast, highlighting various furnishings close to, or paintings hanging on the wall. Black is featured this year, mostly as an elegant trim, or designer fabric print to add that formal atmosphere of rich, opulent contrast.

If you are considering selling your home, neutral colours are tasteful, and always your best and safest bet when it comes to attracting potential purchases.

The furnishing trends of 2020 revive both the natural and the sleek lines in furniture. Décor is clean, simple and functional and yet the hint of simply contrasting and layering of textures and shades can enhance a richly visual and sumptuously comfortable effect. The rustic look with natural materials brings the outdoors inside for comfortability and ease. Woods like birch, oak, walnut and rattan are back. Of course bamboo is not only appealing for its strength and durability, but as a sustainable product for flooring and furniture.

Tribal and ethnic prints for living room areas are bright and bold, rich in colour and pattern; adding delightful contrast to neutral walls and furniture. Vibrant scatter rugs, cushions, throws are most suitable and desirable for high energy areas, activity and entertaining. Brass and gold metals complement wood furnishings and sumptuous blends of fabric textures and designs. Feather motifs are prolific ‘objets d’art’, or incorporated into prints.

There are no hard and fast rules with decorating. Your personality and taste shine through when it comes to colour, furnishings, creative style. Spring’s a wonderful excuse to explore, see what’s out there, exercise your imagination in changing up your home just a little, so something new and exciting is reflected back into your life. 

Much consideration should go into your plans and desired goals, if you need to freshen up your home to list in the upcoming spring market. Make your decisions practical and appealing for reasons that suit your pocket and creativity.