Latest Trends in Rugs

Latest Trends in Rugs

Latest Trends in Rugs

You might see a recurring theme throughout fairly new or renovated homes that you visit or have shown to you. More typically, in some cases the entrance hall, kitchens and bathrooms might be finished with ceramic or marble floor tiles; and living room, dining room, den, perhaps the family room, and more public common areas bedecked with hardwood flooring.

Enter the bedroom section and perhaps the more popular choice for the passageway and bedrooms is still carpeting although more and more bedrooms have hardwood with rugs. Staircases are exposing their hardwood – dressed for comfort with a carpet runner.

Carpets and rugs still remain a favorite for homeowners – primarily for comfort underfoot, and then to co-ordinate and carry through the interesting array of colours and designs from furnishings and wall décor to flooring.

Over the decades standard basic tone carpets with minimal pattern or design have been the norm. Today they are as popular as they are versatile. With neutral colours – unobtrusive and simple designs and patterns can be tastefully incorporated.

Colourful furnishings accentuate the décor theme. Technological advancement brings a sophisticated array of carpet weaves and textures – from over sized loop and cut piles and designs with contrasting centre tones, tone-on-tone, chunky spun yarns, multi-layered carpets to stippled designs combining various yarns and colours woven together. Of course the enchanting North African patterns of Morocco are ever popular.

Berbers remain a favourite, especially for trafficked areas like stairs and family rooms. Growing trends lean towards natural fibres like durable, sustainable wool, sisal, coir – or a combination of wool and sisal. Besides the green factor, they are stain resistant, and easier to keep clean – dirt is less likely to be trapped in the fibre.

The thick, sink your feet in carpets are still essential and in demand for the bedroom section of the house. The velvet-like look of the Saxony type carpet – although pricier, is soft and luxurious, and well suited for bedrooms and the formal lounge.

Neutral colours are always popular, and a convenient choice for your colour schemes. Have fun creating with the unique, subtle patterns in combination with vivid tones of red, blues, lilacs and deeper shades of purples.

How you tie everything together to enhance, compliment or match your furnishings and décor will create pleasing balance, flow and interest to the esthetics of each room in your house.

Latest Trends in Rugs.


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