New Bathroom Trends

New Bathroom Trends

New Bathroom Trends

2014 bathroom trends entice the imagination with an interesting blend of designs that span from classic chic, contemporary, the quiet understated elegance of spa, to the warmth and simplicity of country charm.

There are numerous beautiful bathroom design and detailing options available to suit your space if you are looking for a complete renovation and up-scaling or change to the feel of your bathroom. Placing aside the increased value updated bathrooms add to your home, there is something to be said about the one room in the house where a subtle sense of luxury and ease can be purposefully suffused with relaxing energy – especially necessary when winding down from a busy day.

And bathroom trends for 2014 offer alternatives to find a sense of ease, comfort and relaxation in the simple, clean and uncluttered lines. White bathrooms are mostly infused with shades of grey in mosaics, marble, porcelain or concrete flooring.

Other subtle contrasts might highlight black inserts in white floor tiles. Tones and overtones of cream, taupe or fawn create warmth and understated elegance. If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom for the purpose of realizing a more realistic price for your house, these colours work well due to their neutrality and adaptability and in highlighting coloured accents. This year’s range flows through a palette of pastel blues and some delicate shades of green.

Consider your bathroom space and area: Do you have room to expand the walls and size of your bathroom? How can you maximize the current space? Stand-alone bathtubs are becoming more popular and offered in a range of sizes and shapes. They take up less space than conventional bathtubs and the easy lines and curves create a pleasing image, complimenting the flow, symmetry, structure and placement of the shower and vanities. A tub strategically placed beside and lit with the natural light of a large window creates a picturesque feature.

Curbless showers make for ease in access and give the appearance of a larger space with no break, as the floor runs through into the shower with large glass walls and door. Trends also have drainage running under the glass wall instead of the conventional drain in the middle of the shower floor. Showers can also include a built-in ledge either to stand toiletries upon or to use as a seat.

You may want to consider free-floating vanities or sinks, which make for ease and convenience for room space and practicability in upkeep. Custom cabinetry in the wood will complement the clean white or warmer tones of the walls and floors, along with new wood-grain porcelain tiles to carry the look through.

Fixtures like crystal chandeliers sparkle and add their own richness as well as elegantly contributing to the textures of materials you might want to incorporate. You may wish to consider a skylight for more natural light if this is an option.

Hardware for the vanities and showers are diverse and offer a variety of styles and finishes to suit your taste and the overall design of your bathroom. With the myriad of ideas and choices available, you may wish to consult a designer or visit your local home store for advice on their product lines and what works best for your bathroom space.

Remember, aside from kitchens, bathrooms are the other single most important room in a house when it comes to adding to the value and saleability of your home – not to mention the pleasure you can enjoy from the upgrades and redecoration of a room in which you can find ease and relaxation.

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