Light Switches

Light Switches

Light Switches

Technology seems to get smarter and smarter – even with the unassuming light switch. Adorning our home walls with the prime position and objective of being just a hand’s reach away from lighting up a darkened room, light switches have become technically and functionally more savvy. For your ultimate comfort and convenience – light switches have advanced to being delegated with greater responsibility and connectivity when it comes to the wireless remote control of your entire house.

Not only are they more intuitively functioning, their clean sleek designs and colours make them an attractive part of the finishes on your wall. They are more stylish and come in multiple designs as keypads and accessories, switches, dimmers and wallplates, phone and cable jacks – multi-tasked for energy saving, light control, creating ambiance and lifestyle enhancement.

Dimmers create ambiance – enhance the mood, quality, character and atmosphere in any given room to adjust the light levels for various activities. Dimming saves energy; increases lamp and bulb life and reduces maintenance costs. When added to the occupancy or vacancy sensor there are increased energy savings as lights automatically turn off when the room is unoccupied. Together with your lighting, switches can be combined with a host of other automated system controls for the entire home. Systems can be personalized to suit your home and family needs with innovative lighting controls that are appropriate and functional for each room of your house.

Automated system controls for lighting strategically placed around the house means you don’t come home to a darkened home. Hand-held remotes can adjust the lights in your whole home, from the wall-mounted keypad or wireless tabletop control. If you have a home office, energy saver remote controls adjust the light over the work space creating a more productive, comfortable environment. Seniors can enjoy the convenience of twinning light switches with the wireless tabletop control to turn lights off from their bedside. Your entire home becomes more intuitive through the control of lights, window shades, ceiling fans and temperature.

Temperature control is a great feature to maximize comfort through automated system controls from keypads, mobile devices and the timeclock. Save energy by reducing your HVAC use with the eco button. Other home systems can be seamlessly integrated and interface with auxiliary equipment such as timeclocks, security systems, occupant sensors and much more.

Convenience comes down to privacy and control of your whole home for the comfort of your family at the touch of the technically advanced good old light switch.

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