Furnishing Trends

Furnishing Trends

2020 Furnishing Trends

“Fusion” is the buzzword for decorating trends in 2020. From retro to rustic, it would seem that anything goes. Whether it’s a blend of wood, glass, metal, textured coloured fabrics, leather, patterned floors, ethnic designs and accents; all come together in a cohesive matching of modern, contemporary, vintage, antique. It’s a highly unique and individualistic look you are after this year.

Colours range from bright to pastel, fusing with the natural wood and earthy tones. Some designers are calling for tones of browns put together with both granite and naturally green shades; and in contrast a full complement of purple colours of every hue, and yellow in rich mustard tones.

Modern furniture is functional and the clean modular lines pleasing to the eye. Combine these with some unique vintage pieces, mix and match fabrics – ethnic, contemporary, floral, bold – the choice is yours. Furniture and furnishings that you find in second hand stores or garage sales once spring comes around, can always be refurbished, stripped and re-stained or reupholstered. Walls can be decorated with pastel floral landscape wallpaper, bold geometrics, or large script covering the entire wall.

Bringing nature into the home combines elements and accessories of wall garden features, fountains, natural ornamental room dividers and plants in many different containers, that create an atmosphere somewhat similar to those of the homes of northern Europe, and very much with the sensibility of being connected with nature. Eco-chic!

In a nutshell, décor you choose for your home can combine with many pieces, fabrics, styles that you might already have in your home. The inspired and creative picturewith materials, textures, colours and accents will reflect your personal taste and energy; remembering of course that you are considering functionality – especially with young families, as well as being stylish and inviting for entertaining friends and guests.

Less is more; however, the way in which you uniquely combine all your special furnishings will create interest and variety, with focal points where the eyes can rest and enjoya pleasing grouping and array of elements.And mostly – a décor makeover will breathe new life into your surroundings for 2020. 

Furnishing Trends