Garbage Bins

Garbage Bins

A Home for Your Recycling and Garbage Bins

Try as you may – the area around your back door is never quite as appealing as that around your front, despite your best efforts to keep the garbage bins in order.

Summertime might be the ideal time to create a project and build some housing or a sturdy shed for your bins. The idea doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate. In fact the simpler the better, especially if you want to try your hand and do it yourself.

Most hardware stores sell kits and pre-built frame components that are easy for you to put together. Whether you are looking for a gable, or half gable that will sit flush with your outer wall, your neighbourhood store can support you in customizing the size shed you require.

Take your measurements along to purchase the supplies, which might include kiln-dried spruce prebuilt frame components; solid 19/32” oriented strand-board floor sheathing, 3/8” grooved oriented strand-board for walls – which need painting unlike the vinyl exterior wall finish if you want to match home and shed; 3/8” regular oriented strand-board for the roof, roofing shingles of fiberglass which come with a limited lifetime warranty, dry spruce door trim, casing and corner trim and door, along with hinges, hardware, nails and fasteners. Also available with the kits are roof vents, and soffit and fascia board.Ensure the ground supports are pressure treated posts for longer lasting use of your shed. The interior walls can be lined with plywood or drywall product as an option.

If you want to keep your shed simple, you might opt for a flip-open lid on the half gable style as a way of access and for ease of tossing either a garbage bag or recycling items in the right place. You could have bi-fold doors in the front to make it easy to move the containers in and out.

If you are not sure you can do it on your own, you can get a quote from the store and have a professional come out and build it for you. Either way, you have housing for your garbage and recycling that is built and painted to match the exterior of your house, and will enhance the clean, neat and tidy appearance of your back door area.