Recycling ~ Again and Again

Recycling ~ Again and Again


Edmonton first started its curbside-recycling program in 1988, and touts itself today as a “global leader in effective urban waste management.”

Holiday seasons create much waste in packaging, leftovers, food scraps and giftwrap – and the list goes on.

The city offers helpful planning tips around generating less waste, creating reusable items and wrapping, and tips for storage. When it comes to food items and your special meals, make sure to plan what you are preparing and serving; what you need to purchase that you don’t already have in your pantry; what you can store for leftovers, and what can be donated in the way of unopened treats to local charities.

Decorate with materials that can be saved and used again. It’s a fun exercise to get your children involved in showing off their creativity. Check the Reuse Centre Pininterest Board and the Reuse Centre for their helpful tips.

Gift giving should also be a pragmatic and creative endeavor when it comes to wrapping parcels. It is suggested you might want to wrap gifts in scarves or gift bags that can be utilized again and again.

Be mindful too about what you wash down your drain.

Use fine metal mesh sink drainers to stop small food particles from flowing down the drain. Never flush fats, oils and grease from cooking or leftovers down the drain. Remember that all drains lead to the network of waterways that lead to lakes and ultimately to oceans. Be cognizant that kitchen waste can become toxic and hazardous to marine life.

And speaking of composting food scraps – the city of Edmonton is offering Master Composter Recycling courses in early Spring 2016.

“Promoting the four Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.” You might wish to take a look at the 40-hour training course that teaches recycling, composting, how to “grasscycle,” start a worm composter, and reduce waste. In the process you can become a mentor at a community garden and always host waste-less dinner parties – especially relevant for all festive, celebratory seasons.

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