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Are Murphy Beds comfortable?  Absolutely!  Unlike sofa beds and futons, Murphy Beds do not require any folding mattresses so you are sleeping on your own choice of the quality mattress without the bars and lumps associated with sofa beds and futons.  They are so comfortable many people use them for their own beds as well as their guest beds.

Is there a warranty?  We provide a lifetime warranty on all our patented hardware and 5 years on our cabinetry.   With over 30 years in leading the woodworking industry, and over 100,000 Murphy Bed mechanisms in use around the world you can feel secure.

What sizes do they come in?  Twin/Single, Full/Double, Queen and King.

Where are they made?  Cabinets are locally made.  Hardware is made in Germany not in China like many others. 

Can I choose my style and building material?  We custom build your wall so we can do anything you want in a large variety of woods or the latest in melamines.

Do I need a box spring?  Definitely not!  For years doctors have recommended a flat platform for sleeping support.  Many manufacturers have discontinued box springs as they are redundant.

Can I close my Murphy Bed with all the bedding and pillows attached?  No problem!  There are Velcro straps provided to hold the bedding in place.  You can open the Murphy Bed and use it immediately.

Are Murphy Beds easy to raise and lower?  You can raise and lower the bed with one finger.  Our spring-loaded mechanisms make opening and closing the bed effortless and are balanced to prevent the bed from continuing downward on the operator.

Can I take the Murphy Bed with me when I move?  Yes, it attaches only to the wall studs with two brackets.  Our system does not use floor mounting, which can do serious damage to the floor.  No problem with rental accommodations either.

How much weight can the bed support?  Our beds use only Genuine Murphy Bed hardware which can support well in excess of 2000 pounds, so you know they are built strong and safe enough to support your loved ones.

Are there any economic benefits?  Based on current building costs your guest room has a value of $40-100,000.  If you invest $2-4,000 for a Murphy Bed then you can actually use this expensive space.

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