Shrugs Rugs and Cushions

Shrugs  Rugs and Cushions

Shrugs  Rugs and Cushions

There can never be a more timely welcome to the soft colourful patterns of a rug underfoot on a bare floor, or a shrug to wrap yourself in and curl up against multiple cushions, read a good book and drink a steaming cup of tea. Late Fall and Winter will do that for you.

The choice of decorative, accent and throw pillows is endless.

And especially around this time of the year – red, gold or coloured, patterned pillows that match with your decor and scattered across your sofa make an attractive picture both for colour, texture and interest. Experiment and have fun choosing solids together with a variety of printed zigzags, geometrics, stripes, patterned, textured and embellished, beaded or embroidered, or how about the ever-popular Moroccan crewel. Pillows are so versatile with their mix-and-match combinations, whether elegant, gilded or boho chic – they exude luxury and comfort.

Throws add a textured dimension to your sofas and loungers.

From luxurious cashmere merino wool to fleece, cotton, chunky knits, multi weaves, chenille, artic faux fur, satin tasseled, highland checks, and your festive quilted jacquards, printed or reversible all-over embossed patterns – they soften the shoulders of couches, and create a sense of inviting warmth.

One benefit of wooden or concrete floors is that you can change up the look and feel depending upon the season.

Rugs are the most versatile to do just that. Again, the construction and images, patterns and designs leave a great deal of choice and play at combining linen looks, pastel watermark patterns or stripes, abstract harlequins, multi-dimensional kaleidoscope patterns and designs, pop art and zig zags. And colours may range from the exotic to muted colours like duck egg and olive for example, stone or tobasco.

However you choose to make a favourable impression on your guests, or if you are looking just to enjoy comfort and warmth with your family, there is no end to design, texture and colour in choosing either a new rug, a few cushions and throws to enhance and change up your living or family rooms. Bring new energy and feel-good furnishings that will make your home look new and refreshed.

Shrugs  Rugs and Cushions

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