Soft and Mossy

By Real Home Advice Magazine March 21, 2016
Soft and Mossy

It seems the moss that grows on rooftops might have a more practical and pleasant application in your bathroom.

Talking about bringing the outdoors inside: the latest in bath mats has become a natural moss sponge for your feet to sink into when you step out of your bath or shower. Mossy green shower mats sustain themselves by soaking up the bathroom steam and the water you drop from your shower. The idea originated out of Switzerland and is currently being sold as an expensive item.

The instructions to make a mat are quite simple and fun, and involve creating cells out of foam into which you place a variety of moss types.

You will want to use two layers of thick 1” high-density foam, out of which you can create any shape or size you desire. One layer will be for the base, and the second top layer will have the cutouts into which you will place your moss. Once you have outlined the shape and cutouts, use a utility knife to shape both layers. The outer edges must match each other. Silicone caulking is recommended to bond the two layers together. To ensure complete bonding during the drying process, place heavy objects on top. When dry, spray with water and put the moss into the cells. You may need as many as 70 small plants. Experts recommend spraying the moss for the first few months, and thereafter keeping a spray bottle handy to ensure the sustainability of the moss.

The theme of growing moss in the home has also spread to the creation of moss carpets.

Moss and other small plants grow on a natural plant-based mesh that supports the plant’s roots and creates an environment for biodegradability and longevity in its natural life cycle. These carpets do require some care to keep the plants and moss looking trimmed and neat.

There is nothing more pleasing to the eye and the tactile senses of the body to be connected to the natural softness and sponginess of moss. As spring is around the corner, making your own moss bath mat might be a creative project you and your children will enjoy.

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