Sustainable Building Products

Sustainable Building Products

Sustainable Building Products

Green, Eco and Sustainability are the buzz words in today’s greening building industry. Products are being offered across the board from natural flooring in the way of durable and sustainable bamboo or cork, non- toxic VOC free paint finishes, eco-cabinetry, sealants and polyurethane insulating foam which are certified safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable; improving indoor quality, eliminating harmful chemicals, creating comfort and saving costs. Most of these products are sustainably certified and qualify for LEED points.

Visiting a Live Green Event recently, one product which was of great interest was the Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation.  This environmentally friendly product which is manufactured with a specially patented process is non -itching and skin irritation free. It traps, isolates and controls sound waves thereby reducing airborne sound transmissions including traffic, television or stereo as well as human conversation. It only makes common sense that this type of insulation would be beneficial not only in the residential home but in apartment and office buildings as well.

Other benefits include strong thermal protection despite extreme temperature changes due to the construction of thousands of tiny air pockets in the material which is manufactured with 100% recyclable fibers. Oversized panels provide maximum filling capacity when fitted, reducing the chance for air infiltration. These fibers are specially treated with a natural substance that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi. This same solution acts as a fire retardant and deters pest infiltration. Even in the manufacturing process energy conservation is maintained.

Another product of great interest is the new green polyurethane insulating foam.

The product contains no VOC’s. Not only does this product meet all fire block requirements but it reduces energy costs by saving energy. The crack resistant barrier that it forms protects against moisture, noise, dust and pests.  The major sources of energy loss come through outdoor fixtures, electrical outlets, windows and doors as well as the air vents, pipe and plumbing fixtures and foundations. Creating an envelope that resists humidity, cold floors, mould, condensation and frost, noise, fumes and pest infestation, that is both safe for the construction and occupants, demonstrates benefits now becoming more widely apparent.

Designers, builders, contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners are now becoming more aware and educated regarding all the non -toxic, natural products and materials that are appearing in the market. And in combining these products with the highest standard in construction practices will take the building industry to a more environmental, health and energy oriented, efficient and advanced place.

Thinking of a new build or even a renovation?

Why not explore all the options available to you. In making the choice to utilize natural products your commitment is not only to your personal health and wellbeing, but also your family and pets. In practicing sustainability, making conscious living choices, a better healthier environment in our homes is quantumly assured for the greater good of all.

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