The Art of the Faucet

The Art of the Faucet

Home trends have brought walls down to create larger spaces for easy, functional open-concept living. A sense of luxury in the simplicity of the expansiveness. Larger rooms seem to bring everything into focus – from windows, window treatments, doors and their frames, flooring, crown mouldings; and then there is the hardware – kitchen, bathroom and utility faucets.

Some would replace the term “hardware” for “jewelry.” Definitely these accessories have gone from your typical standard models of functionality, into a creative class of their own. In terms of what they have come to represent for the homeowner and the appeal of the home. Vast ranges of faucets are now more available.

Terminology like functional, fashionable, decorative, durable, elegant and affordable have faucet manufacturers offering homeowners a large selection of accessories for their kitchens and bathrooms. Ranging from clean balanced lines of functional contemporary; to sleek, chic, sophisticated modern, and back to the elegance of old-world charm. Oversized luxurious bathrooms now boast stand-alone bathtubs with exposed and stylized upright faucets.

Open-concept living has given birth to the term “suite-ing” –used in this context as a verb. Therefore faucets and a wider range of hardware accessories, pullout sprays, towel racks and rings are matched for consistency throughout the house.

Trends come and go year-in and year-out with the choice of finishes ranging from polished chrome, satin or brushed nickel; to brass, and aged and oil rubbed bronze. Enjoy the choices you make for your home ensuring your faucet “jewelry” is consistent throughout and integrated into the style and décor of your home.

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