The Honeycomb Blind

The Honeycomb Blind

The Honeycomb Blind

The most energy efficient blind that has been manufactured is the honeycomb shade.

It was originally invented in 1985 as a result of the energy crisis of the late 1970s. The inventing company has evolved this blind to incorporate a honeycomb within the honeycomb for even greater efficiency.

The honeycomb blind was produced with the knowledge that up to 50% of energy can be lost in a home without energy-efficient window coverings. The six-sided hexagonal shape of the honeycomb shade is an important factor in controlling solar heat that comes through the windows – holding it in your home in the winter for warmth, and keeping the house cool in summer by minimizing the amount of natural sunlight that radiates in.

It is a known fact that in the winter months warmth is lost from the house through the windows.

The honeycomb shade helps to hold the warmth inside of its shape, and this insulation supports the reduction of energy consumption, creating a more comfortable environment in your home. The shades work both in the winter and summer. Natural light still fills the rooms in the summer reducing the requirement for artificial lighting.

Of course there are a number of factors that homeowners need to be cognizant of especially when it comes to saving energy and reducing heating or cooling bills. In winter months, all windows should be properly sealed and caulked. A good idea on a sunny winter day is to open up window coverings to let the warmth of solar heat penetrate the windows into the room. This energy will be held in the honeycomb shade and keep the room warm.

Sophisticated blinds these days have tracks that allow them to be drawn from bottom up as well as top down, giving you the flexibility of privacy; protecting your furnishings from direct sunlight, as well as to hold warmth or keep heat out depending upon the season. Whether it is winter or summer, honeycomb shades enhance the benefit of natural light filtering into your rooms, and a way to save energy and money.

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