The Laundry Behind Sliding Doors

The Laundry Behind Sliding Doors

The Laundry Behind Sliding Doors

Are you in the middle of planning the design and building of your home?

Not sure what to do with the laundry and how big to make it? How big is big enough for the laundry room? Do you really need a lot of space for a room that is not often used? If organized properly perhaps there are other options. Have your ever considered tucking your laundry away behind large sliding doors?

All these questions might have you going back and forth with your architect, your designer or contractor.  Laundry rooms are mostly unused rooms that tend to get cluttered if not periodically kept in order.

An interesting concept to contemplate is to have a length of wall long and deep enough if you have a wide open concept hallway towards the back entrance of your house, to build a closet that houses not only your hot water tank and perhaps furnace, but also your washer, dryer, storage unit with pull out shelves, drying rack, table for sorting and folding, rails for hanging clothing, coats, and drawers for shoes and the family’s accessories for the seasons.

The appliances and laundry room paraphernalia disappear behind large sliding doors. And what you have is a wall that has been efficiently utilized; possibly saving you space to incorporate square footage that would have been allocated for your laundry, to go towards your kitchen, family room or sunroom.

It becomes a question of how to effectively work with the space you have for ease of accessibility, organization and tidiness and energy efficiency. You might want to go back to the drawing board; however, your re-consideration could be well worth the effort when it comes to utilizing the square footage of your home in the most optimal, efficient way.

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