Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping

If your windows and doors are a little older, chances are the weather-stripping might be worn, torn or pulling away, and some drafts are still coming through into your house. Easy enough to remedy! Your local hardware store will have draft-sealing tape sold on a roll.

Check all your windows, doors and skylights to ensure they are draft free. Once you have determined which windows and doors require resealing, make sure the surface/s you are mounting the tape on are both clean and dry.

As you unwind the weather-stripping, start to peel away the backing and carefully press the tape into place with your fingertips. Install on the window or door frame edge, or on the surfaces that contact the frame. If there are any larger gaps, run layers of the tape either next to or over the first strip for additional protection and sealing.

V-strip draft seal is a good product to use especially if your door/s and windows might be warped. The V-Strip requires measurement of the door or window frame. Cut to size and fold to form the ”V” shape with the open part of the “V” facing the outside. You can then go ahead to peel and stick in place.

Check the best temperature the adhesive sticks at with the particular brand you have purchased.

As cooler weather approaches and your heating goes on, you will want to make sure your home is as air-tight as possible to save on energy. Weather-stripping seals out the draft and cool, moist air, and seals in the warmth.

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