Winter and Feng Shui

Winter and Feng Shui

Winter and Feng Shui

With the colder months comes a diminishing of outdoor light and the need to stay warm, stay indoors and hibernate in front of a warm fire, eat nourishing foods, and take respite and quiet time for oneself.


Winter is associated with the element of water. Water represents the emotions and intuitions. In order to stimulate the energy of everything that water represents, introduce a fountain or fish bowl into your home. Hang pictures and images of water, rivers or lakes on the walls. Moving water encourages movement and flow in your career and abundance.


The direction associated with winter is the North, which is about careers and life’s journey. A good way to spend free time is to reflect on the past summer and what you have to accomplished; what goals you are looking to work towards in the upcoming New Year. Winter is also a good time to explore your feelings and experiences and write about them. Make a special place in your house where you can spend quiet time to read, for contemplation and self-reflection.


Given that the two elements of winter in Feng Shui are water and the north – evoking visions of snowy, cold, blustery bone-chilling weather – the brilliant yellows, oranges and flaming reds of autumn serve as a great counterpoint and balance in the home. Pillows, throws, rugs, wall colours all add to the ambiance of warmth, a sense of security and comfort in the cold fall and winter months.


Gift yourself with the accessories of comfort, warmth, nurturing and light. Diffusers are trending as a more natural and healthier way to diffuse your favourite essential oils. Other pleasant pastimes include baking cookies or other delectable baked goods to fill your home with warming and pleasing aromas, not to mention the satisfaction of comfort food. Entertain guests with hale and hearty meals in a relaxed environment. Natural beeswax or naturally scented soy candles add a deepening touch to evoke relaxation of the inner senses. You may wish to have a Himalayan Salt lamp to release negative ions in the atmosphere – so healthy.


Let your home be your sanctuary in the wintertime. A quiet home is a good environment to be grounded in, a tonic for the nervous system from the hectic outside world. Whatever makes you happy; whatever pleases your wants and needs as you start to cocoon yourself in for the upcoming months, utilize all the options towards a welcoming, relaxing and regenerative home environment.