Your Medicine Cabinet

Your Medicine Cabinet

Your Medicine Cabinet

Just as spring is a good time to de-clutter rooms, cupboards and other areas in your home – so too is the fall. A time for making sure it’s air tight, organized, warm and dry. Heavier clothing makes its appearance as the leaves turn colour. One cupboard that probably gets overlooked regardless of season is the medication cabinet in the bathroom.

Why’s it important to regularly review the medicine cabinet?

Medicine, topical ointments and such items have an expiry date. Pharmacists will tell you expiry dates are typically only effective whilst the product is unopened. In addition: product shelf life is compromised in unhealthy moist conditions where bacteria and mold can thrive.

Clean your shelves and check each product.

Collect expired and spoiled medications to take to your pharmacist who will safely discard them. Do not discard medication down the toilet or into the garbage. Ask your pharmacist about the efficacy of your equipment, such as a blood pressure monitor. You may need an upgrade.

Take stock of important items in case of an emergency and replace them with a fresh supply.

Ideally, medicines – prescriptions and over-the-counter aids should be stored and packaged in airtight containers outside of the bathroom. Find a safe dry cupboard for these. Carefully assess which products to move.

When it comes to medication and your families health  – be diligent!

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