Front Doors and Staircases

Front Doors and Staircases

Front Doors and Staircases. It is known in the FengShui tradition that staircases facing directly in front of the main front door are not particularly auspicious.

Why is this?

Specialists will say that energy will rush into the house and right up to the first floor leaving the main floor bereft of that good energy. The staircase can conversely have the effect of pushing good energy out the door and out of the house.

With smaller houses, staircases are often positioned in front of the door as the only option due to lack of space. Homes with larger foyers have a distinct advantage in that the energy has space to pool on the main floor and flow around the staircase.

Some experts might recommend a decorative screen placed in front of the staircase to allow the energy to be deflected into adjoining rooms on the main floor. Others might suggest a large potted plant, hall table or another featured accessory that will, to some extent, focus and guide energy coming in from the front door elsewhere into the home.

Fengshui remedies are individual to the unique layout of each home.

Check with a local expert as to how to remedy your front door and staircase situation. Enjoy the balance of nourishing and beneficial energy coming into your home.

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