The Smell of Gas

The Smell of Gas

Would you recognize the smell of gas if you had a leak? Have a discussion with your family about what gas smells like and how to identify a leak.

Gas has a sulphur-like smell. Simply put, it smells like rotten eggs. You might also notice a hissing sound, which would make a leak a lot easier to locate. Check your appliances to make sure the connections to the wall are not damaged. The vegetation outside may also give you a clue as to the leak location if it is dying or in poor condition.

Experts will tell you to:

  • Get everyone out of your house as quickly and calmly as possible.
  • Call emergency services to your home right away.
  • Ensure your emergency numbers are easily accessible.
  • Turn off all appliances and lights.

Do not smoke, use a lighter or matches anywhere near a broken gas line, and remember not to use electronics or other devices close to your home. If gas is burning do not attempt to put it out yourself. Call 911. Be informed and be safe.

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