The Town of Redwater

By Real Home Advice Magazine April 22, 2016
The Town of Redwater

Have you heard of Redwater?

Redwater was originally a farming community – still boasting the best farming soil in Alberta – settled by Ukrainians, and then later by English and French settlers. Located just 30 minutes northeast of Edmonton, Redwater grew from a hamlet of 160 inhabitants to a town of 2,116 residents (based on the 2012 census.)

Redwater was given its name from the Redwater River, which flows to the North Saskatchewan River. The Sturgeon River flows to the southeast, also draining into the North Saskatchewan River. There are two types of forest that sustain growth of numerous diversified species – both coniferous and deciduous trees; including Jack Pine, White and Black Spruce, Fir, and Birch, Poplar and Aspen.

It’s Rich in Resources

Oil was discovered in 1948, with the farming community very quickly being incorporated as a village in 1949, and then a town in late 1950. Oil and gas industry leaders today focus on building Redwater in an “efficient, ethical and sustainable manner.” With the strong oil industry in this region, aside from agriculture, industry has expanded to include construction and contracting, metal and industrial waste recycling, retail and service industries, as well as the transportation sector.

The topography of large tracts of sandy soil known as the sand hills, are the source of two abundant industries – namely silica and gravel.

There’s Plenty to do to Keep Yourself Healthy and Busy

The town of Redwater boasts an indoor arena, curling rink, as well as golf course, outdoor pool, sports fields, and the Sandhills Natural area to keep residents healthy and happy. Other fitness and educational programs for residents include yoga and tai chi, First Aid, Sexual Abuse Prevention and Awareness, Dog Obedience Training; and the Redwater Youth Action Club promotes community participation and awareness for youth between the ages of 12 to 18 years. Addressing youth issues and concerns points to a community willing and able to support healthy youth communicating on all levels.

Redwater’s Farmer’s Market runs from June through to August. Seniors Week is coming up June 1st to 7th with an opportunity for recognition of seniors and their contribution to community. The Seniors Celebration will be held on June 25th at the Pioneer Club. The Town of Redwater Golf Tournament is scheduled for June 18th at the Redwater Golf Club.

Redwater takes great pride in its population, both young and old – recognizing finding balance in the growth of the community. And with that comes the enjoyment of recreational, play facilities and cultural events as much as for work and flourishing commerce and industry.

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